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The XE88 Casino Slots offer the most popular slot games, allowing you to win a lot of money in the XE88 Casino Slots app! Top 5 star slot games rated on the XE88 Casino slot machine include: Red Bear, Fortune Panda, Ancient Forest, Golden Lotus, God of Wealth, etc.

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# Download XE88 Online Casino - Android & IOS

What is XE88?

XE88 is an aged online casino application that openly for Android and IOS users to download. Although XE88 is old, all the old games have been updated and there are few new games. The ancient XE88 online casino provides you an immersive gambling experience by playing nice background music and adaptif soundeffects. Download XE88 now and explore the deepest secret of XE88!


What are the new and updated games?

# Polar Adventures

# The Great Wizard

# Mystic China

# Pirate Captains

# Ocean King


How to register XE88?

To start playing XE88, first, you need to register in order to get your game ID. To register, you may contact our 24/7 customer service. Basic information is needed to be provided to our customer service such as your name and phone number. Registering an account is free.

How to top-up XE88's credit?

When your game ID is out of credit, you have to top-up your credit, only you can continue to play. To top-up, you may approach our customer service. Provide them your game ID and the amount you like to top-up. After that, online transfer or ATM transfer the payment and send them the transfer slip. The credit will be topped-up into your game ID once verified.

How to withdraw winning/CUCI XE88?

If you are intend to quit XE88, you are allowed to CUCI your account. To withdraw winning or CUCI account, you may contact our 24/7 customer service. Provide them your name or game ID and the amount you like to withdraw. After they had verify your available balance, the amount will be banked in into your bank account.