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Blackjack, History & How to Play

Blackjack is a form of gambling that can be considered interesting. This game is a favorite for all casinos in the world to this day. Its history is arguably no less interesting. According to historians, the Blackjack game emerged from casinos in France around the 1700s. This game travels to North America along with the French colonies and spreads to all continents in the world. It did not take long for Blackjack to evolve over time, and to continue to spread its wings even today. Since the 1800s, Blackjack's popularity has increased worldwide, especially in America. To this day, Blackjack is still one of the most favored casino games around the world.
There are rumors that say if Blackjack was born from a French game called "Chemin de Fer" (or "Iron Way") and also "French Ferme" (or "Firm French"), Blackjack changed to "Vingt-et-Un" which means "Twenty-and-A". This is the origin of the birth of the term "21" when the Nevada state in America first enacted gambling laws in 1931.
Many historians also mention the reason why this card game is called Blackjack, one of the most popular is so that it can attract the attention of gamblers. In fact, some casinos in America at that time offered a special bet: a hand that displays Ace of Spades on the blackjack deck (Jack of Clubs or Jack of Spades) would pay a 10: 1 value odds bet on bets made player.
In the late 1950s to 1960s, theories and books emerged about the Blackjack game which seemed to make this card game a bit interesting. Even the Journal of the American Statistical Association published a paper in 1956, entitled "The Optimum Strategy in Blackjack" by Roger Baldwin. This paper is said to mention how a gambler can apply mathematical concepts in the Blackjack game, using probabilities, statistics and careful calculations. Techniques like this have great potential to enable players to gain an edge in Blackjack games.
Shortly thereafter, around 1963, Edward Thorp, better known as "Einstein's Blackjack Game", published a book called "Beat the Dealer" that received an extraordinary response and exploded in the market. Thorp allegedly not only improved the strategy proposed by Baldwin, but he also introduced new strategies such as the 'first card counting technique' and the 'ten count system'. These techniques and strategies sparked public interest and made Blackjack the number one casino gambling table game in the United States at the time.
However, the development of Blackjack also did not escape from casino services, because the media's attention was focused on Blackjack when the game entered the casino. But in order to keep Blackjack advancing in the business and to avoid adversity, the casino made changes to increase the chances of winning, such as introducing decks and card shakers.
Blackjack also gained his fame in Hollywood with Academy Award winner "Rain Man" starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. In fact, Blackjack's history is very diverse and there are many real turning points in Blackjack's journey. So, what are the rules in this game?

Rules in the Blackjack Game

Until now, Blackjack is one of the favorite casino gambling games around the world. the rules of the game are also very simple. Blackjack is very easy to play and the chances of winning are also fairly large. But there are some aspects that you should know more about before deciding to put your money on the Blackjack table.
The Blackjack betting system is a little different from other card gambling games, for example, players who already have chips and make it to the betting table, must place their bets in the middle of the betting circle, then the dealer distributes the open and closed cards to the players who is in it. Like for example a bet which means you place a bet by placing the chips in the Blackjack gambling game circle itself. Then, you will also get to know the term Re-Bet, which means replacing or replacing each of your chips in the specified circle in accordance with the choice of your card at the beginning.
Some people know him as "Pontoon" or "21", and are played with the aim of collecting cards with a number approaching 21, but not passing it. Each player will be dealt 2 cards by the dealer, including himself. Players can choose the "Hit and Bust" or "Hit and Stay" options. Hit means taking cards, while Bust means the value of the card exceeds 21. The cards are scored based on different points depending on the type. Face cards such as Jack, Queen, and King will each be scored 10 points. Ace can be scored 1 or 11, depending on the pattern of the game.
The standard Blackjack table in the casino is designed for 7 players and also a dealer. Depending on the type of game you want to play, 6 or 8 decks of cards will generally be shuffled and placed in an exit box called "Shoe". This box has about 6 deck cards. A popular rule of hand signals is to spread your arms, palms down, once or twice at you to hit. The dealer will understand this hand signal and give you a card. If you don't want a card, this rule is to wave to your card with the palm facing down.

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In order to win, players are required to defeat the dealer without passing the number 21 (bust). A "Bust" situation occurs when the total number of cards exceeds 21. In such a situation, the player will be considered to lose automatically. A score of 21 is achieved in the game by adding a card value and also the player closest to the number 21 - will be considered the winner. If the dealer has a number past 21, then all remaining players will get paid. If the total number of the dealer's cards is less than or equal to 16, he may take more cards. And if the total card is more than or equal to 17, then he will not take the card.
This is needed so that players can bet before they can receive cards. The players are each given two cards and face up, and the dealer has one card face up and the other face down. In some casinos, players can get one card face up and the other face down. This depends on the strategies and rules that apply in the casino.
If a player gets a total of 21 in the first two cards, then he will be declared automatically won. The combination of a 10 card or a face and a US card is called Blackjack. The player with this combination can win one and a half times more than he has bet, unless the dealer has a similar combination. This situation causes a "tie" position and the player will get the money back at stake. Players who have a higher total card than the dealer will win the same amount as the bet placed by each player. On the other hand, if the player has a lower card total than the dealer then he will be declared losers. In other situations, if the dealer is in a position (bust), then the remaining players will be declared victorious.
If you already feel that the card you hold has the highest score of 21, then you can simply click Deal and the dealer will process the game. If the cards you hold do not add up to 21, then you can request one more card from the dealer for you to combine to form 21 in the bet.
The term for this is often called HIT. Other betting systems come from the split type, which means you separate the first two cards into two different bets. The card you hold must be of the same value, for example the numbers 7 and 7 with the same shape. In this type of split bet placement, the ace card will be counted or given a value of 10 only, and in position 21 not in the position of Blackjack. In this case, you will not be paid in full, but will only be paid 3: 2 and you only beat the dealer, but do not win the full Blackjack bet.

Online Version Blackjack

In fact, there are many variations in the online Live Blackjack game that has been born by a number of software manufacturers such as now, there are slight differences between one online company and another online company. Live game Blackjack casino online gambling is a game using playing cards played by at least 2 people at one betting table, where later you will get the first 2 cards that are dealt by the dealer, then one more card that is covered at the betting table.
These cards will later lead you to victory or even defeat. At first this Live Blackjack game was known as vingt et unn which meant 21. As time and time evolved, this game was known as a game that combines several cards to form or get the number 21 on an online gambling bet inside.
Tips for Playing Blackjack
Tips on winning playing Live Blackjack at this online casino are very easy. You can choose Blackjack insurance bets which means that the capital you put in as a bet will not be lost if a closed card allows the dealer to win but does not have Blackjack.
For example, the dealer has an open card that is worth ace, you should press the insurance button and submit half of the value of the chips you have to bet. Then, you can still maintain the insurance position if you have confidence the dealer only has a value of 10 and get Blackjack, if your prediction is correct then you will benefit from the insurance and will be paid 2: 1.
However, if what happens is the dealer does not have the number 10 and the card is closed does not show Blackjack then the insurance that you attach will disappear or just disappear, and the game will start from the beginning. Before you decide to play in this insurance position you should know the order of the highest card value which is 21 and the second and other sequence.