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Sic Bo, Tracing History & How to Play for Beginners

Currently there are indeed many types of gambling games that have been developed for you to be able to play online, and one of the familiar gambling games is casino gambling games. It is no secret that casino gambling games do have a lot of fans. This is because gambling games have many types of games that make players will never be bored to play them.
One type of online gambling game that you can try is Live Sic Bo Online. This game is a gambling game that uses dice. To play online gambling games on this one, there is some information that you need to know. The information includes history, how to play and tips to win playing SiBic.

History of Sic Bo Games

Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese game that is played with three dice. This dice gambling game is also known as Tai Sai or Dai Siu which means "Big Little" or Hi-Lo. Although Sic Bo can literally be translated as "dice pair," indicating that this game might have been played with two dice, the game was originally played by throwing bricks with numbered sides. Gradually, the game progressed using three six-sided dice.
This game is quite popular in Asia, and we often meet in several casinos in Macau. Sic Bo itself managed to penetrate the United States because it was introduced by Chinese immigrants in the early 20th Century, and now can be found in most casinos in America.

How to Play Sic Bo

Sic Bo is played using three six-sided dice. How to play this game is actually very easy to understand, almost similar to Roulette, because the object is only to predict which numbers will appear on the dice after being shaken. Base bet bet on a certain number, 1 to 6, or the correct total, 4 to 17.
Although some of the signs seen on the Sic Bo table are ideographic characters, you don't need to learn Mandarin to be able to play it. Most of the betting area already shows the face of the dice that is at stake. The light under the translucent surface of the Sic Bo bet layout shows the bet won.
You can place bets according to the conditions. Then there are three dice that will be used. The party that shakes the dice can be either from the player or the dealer. There are three dice views that will appear after the dice are shaken, you can add up the numbers to determine who wins. So the main point of this game is the dice that is used, because the number of numbers that come out as a decisive victory.

Bet On Sic Bo Game

Every round of the online jud dice game begins by placing a bet directly on the Sic Bo table. Minimum and maximum bets will be posted clearly. Chips must be stacked in the line of the selected betting area, so as not to exceed the bet limit. Many types of bets that may be played. Bet on a total of three dice can be done by predicting whether the total will be Small (4 ~ 10), or Large (11 ~ 17). The correct bet will be paid 1 to 1, but loses if the combination is Triple (2-2-2, 3-3-3, 4-4-4, or 5-5-5). The winner's payment will vary depending on the number of bets chosen.
Another popular betting variant is the combination of faces displayed by dice. You can bet on a single number (1 to 6), or on two numbers like 1-2, 2-3, and so on. Bets can also be made by selecting the specific "Double" or "Pairs" that appear, Any Double or Triple.
After all bets are placed on the table, it is time for the dealer to roll the three dice used in Sic Bo. Usually in casinos, the dice are shaken mechanically using a rotating cover. After the dice stop, the number displayed will be entered into the Sic Bo live table lighting mechanism so that the winning part lights up below the surface. This makes it very easy to see which wins and which loses. Then the Dealer will clean all the chips in the unlit part, and pay the winner with a predetermined opportunity value.
Sic bo is one of the types of games in online casinos that use 3 dice. The dice are shuffled simultaneously where the players will guess the total number of 3 dice that will come out and will produce big, small or odd and even values. Sic bo is a very fair live casino game where the chance to win can be up to 50%. We only choose odd or even and or big and small and sic bo games at online casinos are usually played by a maximum of 6 players. The more crowded the more exciting right?
Guide to Playing Sic Bo Online
Live Sic bo is a dexterity game in which the player will count 3 dice that are shuffled by the dealer. The players only guess numbers, BIG, SMALL, EVEN or ODD

Bet Types & Rules Game Live Sic Bo

If the total of the three dice that comes out is 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 then it will be called SMALL.
If the total of the three dice that comes out is 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 then it will be called BIG.
Example: a dice that is shaken produces a number 5 + 2 + 6 = 13 then it is called Large, if a dice that is shaken 2 + 3 + 4 = 9 then it is called Small.

As already explained, the odds of winning the Sic Bo game are 50%: 50% or 1 to 1. Even players who win the game will be paid 1 to 1, for SMALL / SMALL bets will win if the dice are 4 to 10, so do BIG / BIG bets will win if the dice add up to a total of 11 to 17.
Players will lose if the total score is 3 (111) or 11 to 17 and the player places a bet in the Small column.
Likewise, if the total value obtained is 18 (666) or 4 to 10 when placing bets in the Big column then it will be considered losers. Hopefully this explanation makes you understand.

Here it is some other betting types from the Sic Bo game


That is choosing 1 triplet to come out on all three dice.
e.g. (111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666)
Payment can be up to 150 X bets / bet.


Namely choose 1 number twins to come out on all three dice.
for example (11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66)
Payment can be up to 8X bets / bet.

-Total three dice

Namely choosing any number will come out the same on all three dice.
Payment up to 24X bets / bet

Total Type

The number of results is 3 dice between 4-17

4 or 17: Payment up to 50 X bets / bet
5 or 16: Payment up to 18 X bets / bet
6 or 15: Payment up to 14 X bets / bet
7 or 14: Payment up to 12 X bets / bet
8 or 13: Payment up to 8 X bets / bet
9 or 12: Payment up to 6X bets / bet
10 or 11: Payment up to 6X bets / bet

A combination of two dice or double

Namely choose 2 dice numbers that will come out of the three dice.
Payment up to 5 x bets / bet

Single Number

Namely choose 1 dice number that will come out of the three dice.
Matches 1 dice which is 1 X bet / bet
Match 2 dice ie 2 X bets / bet
Match 3 dice which is 3 X bets / bet


The sum of the three dice is the numbers 11 to 17. The triple dice is not large.
Payment is 1 X bet / bet


The sum of the three dice is a number from 4 to 10. Triple dice are not small.
Payment is 1 x bet / bet.
All payment ratios depend on the game provider Live Sic Bo. The explanation above is the payment ratio in general.

Guide to choosing bets in the game Live Sic Bo Online

1. Small bets or below 11
Small bets win if the total points of the three dice are between 4 and 10, or also referred to as "Under 11"
2. Big bet or above 10
Big bets win if the total points of the three dice are between 11 and 17, or also called "Above 10"
3. Number bets
If you bet on one of the six number boxes in the "Number Betting" area under the table layout, then you will win based on how many of the three dice appear according to the number you choose.
4. Specific Triple
To win a specific Triple bet, all three dice must issue the Specific Triple you choose.
5. Any Triple
To be able to win the Any Triple bet, all dice must issue the same number, but can be of any size from possible numbers
6. Total Specific
To win Total Specific bets, all dice must be as large as the Specific Total you choose.
7. Double Specifics
In order to win a Specific Double bet, 2 of the 3 dice must show the Double number that you selected.
8. Pairs (Pair Match)
To win the Pair bet, 2 of the 3 dice must show the pair you chose.

Any Triple Rule

Small Bets & Big Bets loses if the result is Any Triple
Cocked Dice Rules
If one of the dice is not aligned, or one of the dice overlaps with another dice after the dice is shaken, then it is called cocked dice, the dealer will again shake the dice 1 time. If this situation occurs, then bets placed cannot be withdrawn or canceled
Terms and Conditions:
1. If a die falls up on another dice, it is called "Cock dice" and the game will be repeated.
2. If there is a reflection on the dice more than once, the results will be declared canceled, the rotation of the dice will be repeated.
3. Games with wrong results, will be carefully corrected again.