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What is American football?

American football (commonly referred to as football in the United States) is a team sport. The match is played by two teams, each with 11 players. American football is played with pointed balls.
There are a lot of points, usually one team sending the ball into the end zone of another.


Why is it called football in America?

So when people say it's strange that the U.S. calls it "football," they do it only because it was invented in Europe, and it was the original term of the sport before it became "football". In short, American football is called rugby ball because it is similar to rugby.


Is it easy to make money with NFL or college football? The answer is no. Just like betting on any other sport or sports league, understanding how to bet on American football requires focus, perseverance, and the development of hard-won value intuition.

There are three popular formats for American football odds. these are:

Decimal odds
Fractional odds
Odds Odds

Although American sports fans are more familiar with American odds, for the purposes of this article, we will primarily deal with decimal odds, as they are easier to use in terms of basic betting theory and calculations.

Understanding betting odds is key to successful American football betting. Being able to understand the probability expressed in odds makes it easy to evaluate the value of your bet. If you can't determine the value of your bet, long-term betting on American football is unlikely to be profitable.