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Why is it called basketball?

Basketball was created by Dr. James Naismith in Springfield, Massachusetts, in December 1891 to train young athletes during the cold months.


What are the basic rules of basketball?

Rules for the offense

When a player has a basketball, they must obey certain rules: the player must bounce, or dribble, with one hand, and move his feet at the same time.If at any time, touch the ball with both hands or the player stops dribbling, the player can only move one foot.


From legends such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Jarim Abdul-Jabbar, to modern superstars like LeBron James and Stephen Curry, it all starts with the NBA.

As one of the most popular sports in the world, it's not hard to understand why basketball betting is so popular. If you are familiar with other US sports betting, then NBA and basketball betting will be familiar. Rest assured that the world of basketball odds is easy to grasp

Perhaps the most popular basketball bet is the money line bet, this is just the party you choose to think you will win. Money line betting includes overtime, which means that one method or the other will have results.

Looking for something to make things more interesting? Then, the point spread market may be your best choice. Spread betting is a favorite in the basketball betting world, and it can make specific teams an obstacle or a starting position, for example, if you deposit the State Warriors with a handicap of -3.5, it means they need to win at least four points in the actual game