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Why is boxing called boxing?

The name comes from an era when the rich used to put gifts on the poor. Boxing Day is traditionally a day of rest for servants, and it is also the day when they receive a special Christmas box from their master.
The servants will also go home on Boxing Day to deliver Christmas boxes to their families.


How did boxing start?

Boxing originated when one person raised his fist for the first time to another. Different eras of movement are distinguished between the use or non-use of fist coverings.
The ancient Greeks considered punching and kicking to be one of the games played by the Olympus God.


The slow and slender steps came to the ring, wearing a robe and the name of sequins on the back.

When the noisy crowd reaches the sound of fever, electricity in the air. Two fighters stood there, toes to feet, waiting for battle. Then Ding, the bell rang.

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