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Who is the father of handball?

The father of handball (Carl Scherencings) is named after him because he was adapting the old torball in the current handball to make it a popular game in Europe.


What is a blue card in handball?

In addition to yellow and red, the referee has a blue card to make the player's disqualification clearer. If this card is displayed, the score sheet will be accompanied by a written report and the Disciplinary Committee will be responsible for taking further action.

Handball has a long history and gradually evolved from outdoor sports to modern indoor sports in the last century. This transition makes the game faster and more vibrant, while indoor venues provide a stronger atmosphere-this advance has led to an increase in the popularity of handball betting.

Handball consists of two teams, each team consisting of seven players, six of them outfield players and the other goalkeeper playing on a 40m X 20m indoor court. The game was played in two halves, 30 minutes each. The goal is to score more than the opponent by throwing a ball at the target. It's similar to basketball, with players moving the ball and dribbling with both hands in a similar way.

sbobetwap offers similar handball betting options to basketball betting:

Match betting – who will win the match? This is the same as Money Line betting in the NFL or 1X2 betting without a draw in football.

Handicap-The dealer assigns + or-Handicap to each team. Then add the set number of goals to-or subtract from + to determine the final score and bet result.

Total bets – how many goals the team will score in one fixture, choosing whether to exceed the number set by the bookmaker.

First Half Betting-Betsers can only place bets after the first half of the match.

Future or Full Bet-Bet on a team to win a single group in a full match or tournament.