Bola Tangkas

Bola tangkas was first discovered in the 1980s. Since then, it has been loved in casinos and played frequently. Currently, Bola tangkas occupies an important position in many casinos in Indonesia. Just like the name, the game is unique and interesting. There are 7 cards that can produce the highest card combination. Bola tangkas is a type of video poker that is popular even in online casinos.

Bola tangkas games are also popular in land-based casinos, where these machines are used in gaming venues. It is also different from the video poker machine bank, and every casino is in it. Some machines provide coins with lower denominations and slightly different odds and payouts. In order to play Bola tangkas online, the player must allocate money on one of the Bola tangkas machines and press the Deal button so that he can get 7 cards. Players can comment and select one or more cards, which they can exchange for new cards. The game uses one card and two jokers. The player can then swap the Joker with any other cards of his choice to create a winning combination.

Some rules to follow when playing bola tangkas:

Understand the rules of the game: Before you actually play the game, you need to know how much knowledge and how to play the game. You'd better adapt to these principles of the game first, otherwise you will lose all your money.
Keep betting wisely and set a limit for each day: This is a game where it is difficult to control certain actions to bet, so it is always better to always avoid smart bets before starting to determine the right bet amount of. player.
You should have patience: in the case of bola tangkas, making hard and fast decisions will be dangerous, because victory will not simply come like that, because it will definitely require patience to make some investments. Therefore, you should know how bola tangkas works, but this does not guarantee that you will win or even win huge victories. This is just an important part of playing the game.
Be successful when playing tangkas: winning big money is not a guarantee of poker, but whether you win or lose, you want to play it and have a good time. Please understand that you should bet with cash that can withstand the loss, so that even if you do lose cash, you don't have to worry and stress.Bola_Tangkas001.PNG - 912.43 kBBola_Tangkas002.PNG - 914.10 kB