Jungle Spirit

For a long time, animal-themed slot machines have been one of the most popular games in the casino industry, whether they are about beasts or our favorite household pets. Familiarity with animals goes beyond age, language, or nationality, which makes them a common thread that can bring many different kinds of players to the same table.

One of the latest machines using this theme is "Spirit of the Jungle: Call of the Wild". Created by NetEnt and launched in early 2017, this game uses an always exciting "all the way" gameplay to provide the maximum amount of action on each spin. With free spins, expanded symbols and surprise bonus features, this game can provide a wide range of replay value, and every time it is played, there is a chance to win some wonderful prizes.

Jungle Spirit is a five-axis machine using a universal 5x3 layout. Since 243 ways of the system are used, there is no need to worry about paylines, which means that any left-to-right combination of the same symbol will win. The player must match three consecutively on the same icon to score. The longer the lines they make, the greater the related expenses.

In this game, the smallest win comes from the most common set of symbols in the slot machine world: poker ranks ranging from tens to aces. However, to achieve greater victory, you need to use more thematic symbols: the animal itself. Throughout the reels, you will see snakes, alligators, bears, elephants and tigers, all of which will receive greater rewards. There is no real "high value" icon in this machine; instead, if the player manages to score a large combination of dozens or even hundreds of routes at the same time, they will win a lot of victories.

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