Tigers Glory

The glory of the tiger was established in the ancient times of the Roman Empire, when fearless gladiators would entertain the crowd through barbaric battles. The highlight of these events is the battle between humans and tigers in the arena scene, and the slot machine is the background of the slot machine game window.

Quickspin turns the theme into a slot machine in an amazing way. The enraged tiger symbol is activated in free spins, facing the gladiator in a battle with the devil, and the tiger becomes a sticky scatter symbol after claiming to defeat an opponent.

The slot machine has 11 payment symbols, a wild card symbol, a scatter symbol and an angry tiger symbol. The salary symbol can be displayed in single or double stack. The low end is the usual 9 to A suit. The high end includes four gladiators and tigers. The red square with a laurel wreath is a wildcard symbol, which replaces all symbols except the scattered and angry tiger symbol. The scatter takes the form of complex symbols with swords and shields.

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