There are some cute aliens who are interested in exploring our planet, and it is your job to follow their pursuit. UFO is an interesting sci-fi online slot game designed and published by KA Gaming. We can confirm that the designer has done a good job in this game because the icons look very cute and use the correct colors. Behind the scrolls, you can see images of a bunch of skyscrapers at night.

UFOs are played on 5 reels and there are 50 paylines. The game has 11 basic symbols-5 playing cards from 10 to A, which is the image of the alien planet. Strange device, UFO logo, green alien, purple alien and three-eyed blue alien. Of course, you can also play wild symbols. The symbol looks like a green alien in a flying saucer. As long as it can help the player create a successful combination, it can be counted as any basic symbol. When you get three "scattering" symbols at any position on the reels, you will start ten "free spins". Players can re-trigger this mode with the help of more dispersion. In this round, the wildcard symbol is the lock symbol.

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