Genies lamp

In Geni's Lamp online slot, we are transported to the exotic Middle East, where there are gold jewelry, treasures and all valuables waiting. The online slot machine with software made by Blazesoft is a 5-reel-style slot machine with 4 lines and 35 paylines.

The design feature that can be noticed at a glance is that the reel spins much slower than other slots. If you just want to know the speed and don't want to wait, it can be annoying. However, it has the advantage of bringing a relaxed and soft feeling to the slot, suitable for the entire atmosphere. The soundscape is also relaxing and provides an authentic Arabic atmosphere. But this is only a small part of the features that this online slot machine can provide you. Keep reading our Geni's Lamp review to learn about all its special features.

The animation here is very reminiscent of the Disney movie "Aladdin". With so many, it is surprising that it does not have a proper name (no doubt, if it is involved, it will involve some high copyright fees). In Geni's Lamp video slot, all symbols are paid from left to right on the active payline except for the spread and bonus symbols, and you will get the highest win on each victory line.

The symbols on the reels are A, K, Q and J, and the number 10. These symbols indicate lower values, which is a tradition in pokies. The picture icon provides more gold, which is where the real treasure lies. Princess Jasmine (or at least the dead person of Disney Princess Jasmine) paid the highest amount of these icons. Other symbols of high salaries include the glittering golden palace, the magical flying carpet, the contents of Aladdin’s cave, and Aladdin’s cheeky monkey Abu, who were stolen like hiie. Fortunately, he did not hunt you down.

genies_lamp001.PNG - 1.27 MBgenies_lamp002.PNG - 1.28 MBgenies_lamp003.PNG - 1.27 MBgenies_lamp004.PNG - 1.22 MB