God of Wealth

Caishen is widely regarded as the god of wealth in China. If you support him, then you can benefit from his wild victories, scattered gold ingots, free game features and progressive jackpots in this fun slot game to win a fortune Not a small wealth. From real-time games.

When you live in a beautiful Chinese house, the setting of this slot is quiet and relaxing. Here, you can choose to play 1 to 25 paylines on any spin of this 5-reel game, and then choose the total bet range that suits your betting plan from 0.01 coins to 6.25 coins – remember, all bonuses All bets are multiplied by your bet line, except for the scatter chart multiplied by your total bet.

The number 8 is considered to be the luckiest number of all the numbers in China, because in Chinese, the number 8 is Fa, which is very similar to their word fortune-up to 250 times the wealth will make your bottom line if you can combine six Any one of 8 in different colors is arranged into 3 to 5 symbols, and you will find the reel spinning.

However, there are even bigger prizes waiting for you in the form of Chinese lanterns. Your bet amount can be up to 300 times your bet amount, the maximum bet amount for "Bull" is 500 times, and the maximum bet amount for Tiger The bet amount is 2,500x, and the maximum bet amount of the Green Dragon Prize is your bet amount.

If you are the God of Wealth, then if you support Caishen, the God of Wealth, you will be more fortunate. When he becomes his winning combination by appearing on the 3rd axis, he will get twice the normal bonus. The color body can also appear in various forms on all reels. He can act as a reward symbol by himself-5 color body symbols can bet at an astonishing 10,000 times the reserve price.

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