Golden lotus

If you want to escape from the ordinary world, the scenery of Golden Lotus will definitely help! The fascinating graphics will take you into a peaceful and beautiful world and provide you with a new understanding of the natural world.

The background of the scroll is where the design is truly outstanding, surrounded by realistic depictions of the pagoda surrounded by trees, bushes and other green plants. This creates a sense of seclusion, where you can relax. Strolling on the beautiful bridge and across the wooded sidewalk; the image looks so real that you can almost reach out and touch it.

In sharp contrast to the soft and elegant background, the scroll has a more cartoonish feel and is decorated in bright and colorful colors. The frame is made of auspicious red, and gold is the top priority of the symbol.

The bottom of the scroll is purple, which helps to make the symbol really pop off the screen. The letters representing playing cards are sapphire, fuchsia, orange, emerald and gold, with a jewel effect. There is also a beautiful woman in traditional clothes-surprising, but there is also a handsome oriental man.

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