Honey pot

For some delicious and fascinating online gambling, Honeypot Slots games are entertaining and real cash rewards, they are all packed together. Help these cute and buzzing little bees find nectar in this online slot game and they will win you some sweet bonuses.

The 20 paylines in the Honeypot Slots game are colorful treats, but don't be fooled by the cute graphics. Despite its cartoon appeal, this wildlife-themed slot machine still has an amazing impact on the salary scale.

In the Honeypot Slots review below, read all the information about how our expert review team discovered the entertainment and payment potential of this online slot machine.

This very typical 5-axis online slot oozes charm from each honeycomb unit. From graphics and soundtracks to animations and functions, everything is carefully designed. It is full of honey. In a lazy summer afternoon, there are colorful flowers and cute bears everywhere. But not all fluff and foam. Although there is nothing harsh about this wonderful story, there must be something biting in the salary sheet!

When testing our Honeypot Slots game, we found that it can provide players with the highest bonus payouts. Five matching jars of honey can provide up to 2000 times the rewards you bet. The maximum bet is a real cash prize of 10,000.00, which makes this cute and adorable game even sweeter.

The standard payout symbols provide odds that are 10 to 500 times your bet amount, but there are 13 huge symbols on the reel, and sometimes it may be difficult to win. Fortunately, the queen bee can fly to remedy the situation, because she will guarantee victory after six consecutive losses. Moreover, the honey bucket symbol is easy to use and can replace other paid symbols to increase the chance of winning the line.

honeypot1.PNG - 1.16 MBhoneypot2.PNG - 1.16 MBhoneypot3.PNG - 1.14 MB