8 ball slots

The 8-ball slot game machine also maintains a real foundation in gameplay, and the developers of Playtech ensure that players have everything they need.

This means that the game screen is actually messy in the end. In fact, each of the three rotating reels contains three symbols, and a pay line is drawn horizontally in the middle, which is also a very old design element. The paytable will be permanently displayed at the top of the screen, while the command bar is located below the reels. The cash prize depends on whether you bet one or two credits on the reels. You can switch between these settings by clicking the corresponding column on the payment form, or using the Bone One and Bet Max buttons below. Use the (+) and (-) buttons to further adjust your bet total, and then click "rotate" to move the reels.

Pay close attention to the payment table to check the value of each combination, and once the correct symbol is arranged on the payline, it will be automatically added to your total credit. As you can see now, 8-ball slot machines do follow the basic principles of slot games.1.png - 1.17 MB2.png - 1.18 MB