A Night Out

"A Night Out" invites you to spend a good time, hit the bar, and have a drink or two.The design of the game itself is very simple, with a uniform purple background on the chassis. These symbols show beautiful, simple design and look very pleasant. The reel itself spins at a dazzling speed and is accompanied by retro sound effects, helping to create a fast-paced and dynamic gaming atmosphere.

If at least visually speaking, "A Night Out" is a rather low-key experience, there is still a lot of fun on the game reels.

In terms of reel symbols, "A Night Out" maintains a fairly classic odds, mainly composed of various fruity icons. That being said, these fruits have become sweet cocktails, bringing the iconic menu a deserved makeover.

Therefore, the first set of symbols contains a variety of delicious cocktails based on kiwi, pear, orange, strawberry and pineapple. Rewards may not always be so good, but these fruity mixtures will appear on the reels very frequently, giving you more opportunities to combine them for a long time.

The lower part of the menu introduces three beautiful young women, one brunette, one redhead and one blonde. Now, cash prizes are becoming more and more interesting, but these three beauties are elusive, for example, you will need a little luck to win five combinations with them.1.png - 962.57 kB2.png - 975.37 kB3.png - 930.64 kB