"Aladdin's Legacy" opens with a short animated scene, which you can enter by riding on the magic carpet. Carry it in the cave and you will find magical lights that are expected to realize all your dreams. With an overall warm golden design, rich colors and highly detailed desert-themed graphics, this is a beautiful-looking game. A peaceful Arabian tune is played in the background music, and the reels are decorated with intricate golden reels suitable for the era depicted in the game.

The smaller symbols are presented in sparkling bright colors, namely J, Q, K, and A. The five theme symbols will appear multiple times at once and will reward you with a higher bonus. The collection starts with a symbol that symbolizes the red and white awnings on the Arab market stalls. The next higher value project is a clay jar filled with parchment scrolls, followed by a cute girl's face, and the sparkling blue desert oasis is the second highest symbol. Naturally, Aladdin's face was filled with squares of the highest value, and his face was covered by purple cloth. When they belong to the winning payline, all larger values ​​and bonus symbols have some kind of animation.1.png - 1.15 MB2.png - 1.22 MB3.png - 1.18 MB