Si Xiang

Unleash the spiritual power of Taoism with Playtech, a Chinese-themed slot machine. Si Xiang's 5 reels and 9 paylines revolve around the four mythological creatures in the Chinese constellation, namely the Tianlong, the vermilion bird, the white tiger and the black turtle.

This pair of magical beasts constitutes the most prominent paid icon in this pair of slot machines, but there are some simple bonus features beside it, such as scatter charts and wild icons. However, there are no free spin games or fancy bonus games, all the focus is on the pure power of the beast itself.

In Taoist traditions, it is said that there are four symbols representing the four seasons and the four points on the compass. They are called "four villages" in Chinese.

First of all, there is Meng Zhang (Meng Zhang), this dragon represents spring and the clear waters of eastern China. Then there is aura, this bird symbolizes the warmth of summer and the red land of southern China. The third is Jianbing, representing the tigers in autumn and the white sand beaches of the Western Desert. Finally, there is a turtle named Zhiming, which matches the black soil of the north and winter. In short, these four mythological beasts are the center of ancient Chinese religions and are also important in the powerful beauty of this slot machine from Playtech.

In fact, every animal symbol that appears in this slot machine has been professionally captured, with all the talent and majesty you might expect from a legendary beast. In other words, they really don’t look like tamed animals, even turtles fight snakes to kick their butts! In addition, the batting machine can also attract players by imitating the aesthetics of Chinese design by imitating calligraphy and scrolls (placed in a decorative frame, suitable for Taoist temples) of oriental design.

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