Silent Samurai

In terms of slot machine theme, Japan is one of the less influential regions in world history. Video slots for Egyptian pyramids, Aztec temples, and Roman colossus are followed by video slots, and there are very few 5-reel video slots dealing with the elusive past of the Land of the Sun. It wasn't until the silent samurai appeared that he rushed out of the sacred heart of Japanese medieval history and hit all of us with exciting actions.

This Playtech slot machine helps you get back to the player in time through the game screen, which is packed with iconic images of Japanese culture. First, the color scheme is filled with red, black, and gold to give the same ornate appearance of traditional Shinto buildings, and the game's universal playing card icons are all designed to mimic the brushwork of Japanese calligraphy.

At the same time, other symbols of the slot machine include old yen coins, stars thrown by grenades and golden statuettes of serpentine dragons, which are wild symbols of the game. The scattered icons are depicted by beautiful Yiishi with flowers in his hair, and the bonus trigger icon is an image of the silent samurai himself holding a sword and preparing to fight.

Silent Samurai involves 9 paylines, thus providing spinning mills with a relatively small range of opportunities to rank those winning combinations. However, winning in the paytable does provide some considerable returns for line betting, ranging from 0.01 points to 5.00 points. More importantly, players can place up to 10 coins on each active line, allowing some high spins worth up to 450 points.

The top line bet multiplier is 5,000x, and the jackpot is 225,000 points, which can be paid as long as the player finds five wild dragon symbols in a row. The wild icon can also help spinners to create a line win sequence with other symbols, because it will replace all symbols in the game except the scattered geisha and bonus samurai. Five shuriken stars will receive 500 times the line bet bonus, and the five-yen coin will pay 300 times the line bet multiple.

All values ​​of playing cards provide less profit potential. Five "A" icons are rewarded 200 times, and the FIE "K" symbol pays 100 times. When they are lined up on an active payline, the expenditure of the "Q", "J" and "10" icons will not exceed 100 times.

Not all victories in "Silent Samurai" require players to find matching icons on a payline, because regardless of the payline position, three, four, or five geisha spreaders will get 5 times, 25 times, and 100 times, respectively Total bet multiple.

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