Three Kingdom

"Three Kingdoms" provides players with three different virtual environments, depending on which aspect they are fighting for in the upcoming battle. Each kingdom is color coded in green, blue or red. From cities to mountains or lush bamboo forests, each city has a different landscape. Select your kingdom on the map, or use the "Change Kingdom" button to switch status at any time in the game. With three integrated universes, "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" is a fairly primitive game. After customizing the background, let's continue to play the game...

" The Three Kingdoms" is a very easy to play game, only some settings need to be taken care of before you can rotate the reels and check if luck is beside you.

The 20 fixed paylines of the game are distributed on 5 reels across all directions, showing where the symbols need to be combined to generate cash prizes during the game. As long as you are ready to start gambling, you can use the (+) and (-) buttons on the red band below the turntable to place bets and spin the turntable.

All rewards in "Three Kingdoms" are based on the aligned symbols on the reels and your own bet size. You can always choose to risk some extra credits to unlock bigger bonuses. The choice is all up to you, so you can adjust the settings as needed at any time. The automatic switch on the top of the reels triggers the automatic game mode. Activate it to make the same bet in several consecutive spins, thus speeding up the entire game. All wins in the automatic game will be added to your personal credit limit.

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