Zhao Chai Tong Zi

This 5-volume, 9-payline video slot is full of colors and references all aspects of Chinese celebrations, making every spin a festival full of vibrant images and a good atmosphere. However, what really makes spinning players feel good is the chance to win a line betting multiplier worth up to 10,000 times, not to mention that all paylines pay in both directions.Unfortunately, this slot machine is lighter in bonus games, and there are no free spins or bonus side games to disrupt the basic game action.

We have no authority on the complexity of ancient Asian culture, and our Mandarin is not perfect. However, we can make educated guesses that the title of the slot machine refers to "Child Shan of Wealth" (Child Shan of Wealth), also known as "Sandhanakumara" and "Mountain Chai Boy". This little boy god is the main character in many Buddhist and Taoist myths and legends and often seeks enlightenment. There are also rumors that at the moment the boy was born, a large number of treasures appeared randomly, so the child became the god of wealth. "Sudhana" and "Shancai" are literally translated from Sanskrit and Chinese as "rich man".

Perhaps there is no better mascot for the slot machine than the smiling kid who magically brings money to his kingdom. Adhering to the theme of this legend, Zhao Caitong features four small characters, each with an iconic image of traditional Chinese culture-koi, golden ingot basin, mature peach and symbols that seem to be golden bats. No matter what the icon is, it is very important for the game, because when 5 of the 9 paylines appear, it will win the biggest victory.

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