If there is only one type of gambling that online slot machine developers cannot fully utilize, it is ancient Egypt. In today's best casino, you will find at least one slot machine with an Egyptian theme. After all, who can resist the romance of the Pharaoh, the mystery of the pyramid and the charm of the great treasure? Of course we cannot.

Asian company GamingSoft is the latest developer to partner with Ra the Sun of Sun to join the Egyptian trend. This is a slot machine full of action and fun, offering a lot of bonus games and some serious progressive games. However, in terms of winning the prize, the risk is so great, is the volatility too high for mortals who venture in the Egyptian tomb? Let's go to treasure hunt and read carefully.

GamingSoft, headquartered in the Philippines, has been pioneering the development of online casinos in Asia. Various online slot machines and table games from the provider are now available on casinos and gaming sites in the region. GamingSoft provides a good selection of Mandarin Chinese games, such as Fulai and 3X Dragon Supreme with bonus. But Asian players can still find some interesting genre games, such as the Irish-themed shamrock story and science fiction-rich "Doctor Strange" experiments.

Ra Helios Video Slot is a heroic attempt by GamingSoft in an ancient slot with the theme of Egypt. With several bonus games, jackpots and high-income wilderness, this slot machine is definitely vying for the supremacy of IGT's "Cleopatra" and other games. You can play "Apollo" through the latest web browser, and we found that the version optimized for mobile devices works well on most tablets and smartphones.

In action, this is a beast. The reels are set to 4x5, and 40 paylines can be played per spin. The starting point of the coin is only 0.01, but the bet level per spin is as high as 1,000.00. This slot machine is optimized for Chinese yuan, so please make sure that the game can use your currency when loading the game.

RA1.PNG - 3.34 MBRA2.PNG - 3.29 MBRA3.PNG - 3.24 MBRA4.PNG - 3.28 MB