Resurrection Dragons

Although many online casino slot machines occasionally have dragon symbols on the reels, fans of these mythical beasts should check out GamingSoft's "Resurrection of Dragons" video slot machine because it is absolutely packed with them. From the fiery creatures that fill the screen when the game loads, to the serpentine snake pattern coiled on the reels, and even in the progressive jackpot side bet game, this is a real thing for those who like them. enjoy.

This is also a treat for anyone who only likes a lot of winning spins, because there are 50 paylines across 5 reels, and matching symbols are placed on any of the lines, so continuous interruptions from the left You can receive bonuses in the base game, but special bonus symbols can also help.

There are flickering flames on either side of the main game, and the dragon-wrapped pillars are on either side. At the top, we see the 4-level jackpot function, and at the bottom is a control panel, in which spinners set their bets from a lower limit of 0.50, and they can also choose the fast spin mode, or let them use any number The time of automatic rotation.

Most of the symbols are rich in gold, in sharp contrast to the red flames, and provide a very elegant look for the "Resurrection Dragon" video slot. Even the playing card symbols are gold medals. When the 10 or J stops on the 3, 4, and 5 reels, the rewards range from 10x, 25x, and 250x for the line amount to 20x, 75x, and 500x for the K or A.

A blue magic book and a dragon statue are worth 50 times, 200 times, and 1,000 times, respectively, while a beautiful golden bowl and a phoenix rising from the flame are worth 1,400 times respectively. A fierce dragon head will return to the best reward in the normal game, making the player fall into the player's hand with 2400 times the line bet, although the special wild coin symbol is worth seeing.

This lucky coin can also replace standard symbols, fill in any gaps in the matching symbol line, or extend the winning line of 3 or 4 symbols to the right to obtain higher value prizes. After any rotation, the dragon wilderness can appear randomly. In a nice animation, I saw a big creature stretching in the game, hoping that more winning lines could enter the reels.

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