We all seem to like wildlife-themed online slot machines. The many slot machines selected from Malaysian slot machine developer GamingSoft can easily overlook Spirit Bear. However, players should definitely set foot in a casino equipped with the company's software, because the game has a certain appeal, providing additional rewards such as wild substitutions, decentralized payments, free spin bonus games, and fishing opportunities.

This back-to-basics slot machine certainly does not return to basics, because it has 5 reels and is full of wild animals and plants, although some of us can do this work without big spiders and snakes. Less scary creatures include fish and pheasants, while bears are at the top of the food chain, trigger bonuses and pay the highest bonus.

Behind the 5 turntables of the "Spirit Bear" video slot, huge mountains are soaring, while lush ferns are sitting under them, American Indian wood carvings surround the main part of the game, under all this, we find Pay table. Here, you can choose to set the bet amount per spin to 0.15, one coin on each of the 15 paylines, or you can increase it to the upper limit of 300.00. If necessary, the shafts can be set to rotate faster, and the "auto" function can make them rotate as many times as necessary. You can also use the free Spirit Bear video slot, although it is obviously impossible to get real cash prizes in free play mode.

Although GamingSoft carefully designed the high-value symbols, they seemed to choose the simple option with the low-paying icon, using simple 10, J, Q, K and A to form the winning line. These colors are colorful enough, but do not fit the theme at all. Some players will be disappointed, but with more frequent winning spins, these symbols will be seen on the payline. Maybe we don’t have to worry too much.

At least 3 similar games are needed on the adjacent roulette from the left to win the prize. When 10, J and Q all appear, when 3 is open, their total value is 5, bet 4, then the odds are 25x and 5 of the full bet will see 100 times the payout. For the same result, the K and A symbols return 5 times, 40 times and 150 times, but the animal symbols only need to be on 2 reels to start paying the bonus.

Seeing spiders or snakes on 2, 3, 4 or 5 reels on a payline will win 5 times, 30 times, 100 times and 750 times respectively. The value of the colored pheasant is between 5 times and 2,000 times. When the salmon swims in place, the spinner’s bet returns to between 10 times and 5,000 times.