Sacred Relicks

Unleash the power of these relics and turn your slot game into a paradise full of wealth! With five different Wild Symbols and four Progressive Jackpots, you will definitely feel like you are in another world.

All fans of Asian game consoles should test the relic. The emulator is built on secrets, so the color scheme is very interesting and leaves a subtle mysterious feather. The background of the slot is pink and it plays an important role in the culture of the Asian people. The theme characters of the game icons appear on 5 reels and 40 paylines. The music accompaniment corresponds to the overall atmosphere of the game console, immersing the user in an illusion-like magical surreal world. After each victory, you will watch exciting animations. All control buttons are made in oriental style, so you will have fun during the game. In order to successfully start the game process, users need to study the technical characteristics of the video slot. The management is very simple and clear. The number of lines is set by default, and this indicator cannot be changed. Therefore, you only need to bid according to your budget. If you want to win one of the jackpots, then you should make a maximum bet, which is determined by the "max bet" option. The button on the right starts the game. You can operate in manual mode by pressing SPIN, or you can operate in automatic mode by activating AUTO SPIN. At the top of the screen, gamers can monitor the size of the jackpot and other settings. Here you can adjust the music volume and graphics quality.

Sacred1.PNG - 3.47 MBSacred2.PNG - 3.59 MBSacred3.PNG - 3.18 MBSacred4.PNG - 2.37 MBSacred5.PNG - 3.75 MBSacred6.PNG - 3.39 MBSacred7.PNG - 3.66 MB