Sexy Beach Party

To be honest, beach parties are usually the best parties because they really embody the spirit of summer. For starters, you will stay by the water on the hottest days of the year. Most importantly, you can drink some cool refreshing drinks, soak in the sun, and then get a tan. Considering the easy-going and relaxing nature of the beach party scene, Wazdan seems to have opened a casino on this theme. With the title "Beach Party Fever", we were invited to try this new game, and we can say with certainty that it lives up to the hype, and then we will do some innovation!

This casino slot really is bringing the heat, so much so that we need to get some water to cool off. Looking at the screen, players are transported to a beach somewhere in Miami or the Caribbean, as the water appears to be crystal clear. It is so clear in fact, that you can see the light rays shining into the water and the sand at the very bottom of your feet. The title banner, Beach Party Hot, has a cool effect added to it, as it appears to float on top of the water.

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