Tank Attack is part of the online gambling game, it is part of the extensive GamingSoft slot machine series, and has a progressive jackpot function, and has some bonuses to inspire funds, such as crazy substitutions and scattered rewards. An unusual military theme is that grenades, bullets, petrol tanks and mines appear on 5 carousels, and several tanks will receive the highest awards when they land on 9 paylines.

This is an All Ways Pays slot machine, so the winning line can start from the left or right reels, and certain symbols only need to be in a single position to win the prize, so there should be some stable and reliable payouts. Tank Attack video slot machine not only can share the jackpot function with other games in the range, but also has well-designed and high-quality graphics, which makes this Malaysian-based developer popular worldwide.

The entry point for each spin of this slot game is only 0.09. If high bets want to play these bets, the lower limit can be increased to a huge 900.00. It is worth pointing out that only the player with the highest bet can receive 100% of any jackpot, while the player with the lowest bet can only receive 10% of all bonuses. Free Tank Attack video slots are provided, so you can practice without risk, but it's clear that there will be no real cash wins unless you make actual cash bets.

When a pack of cigarettes or bullets fall into 3, 4, or all 5 reels of a payline, it is equivalent to 3 times, 10 times, or 50 times the line bet, respectively, while the value of gasoline tank and storage tank trap is 5 times, respectively. 25 times or 200 times. Both parties only need 2 examples of grenades or mines to win 2 times the online bet, and anyone who throws a full throw of either side will get 300 times the reserve price.

The value of grenades with guns and rockets is even higher, the value of the entire line is equal to 1,000 times, but even the tank symbol blows it up. It’s just an example of an orange tank or a bright red tank. They will stick out like thumbs on the battlefield. When they land on reels 1 or 5, they will pay twice the line bet amount, and the highest bonus will be paid in full. 5,000x or 10,000x.


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