Precious jewels, crystals and minerals are waiting to be excavated in the Varna video treasure, or when these symbols are arranged on 5 reels and 20 paylines, at least a lot of coin prizes can be won. This is a fun cartoon-style online casino slot machine from GamingSoft, with many features, such as 4-level progressive jackpot reincarnation. In addition, it also has wild symbols and a richer free spin game. This Malaysian developer likes to include it in Top game among many games.

The action took place deep in the mine, with wooden props supporting the roof, and gas lanterns illuminating the dark tunnel. All the gold nuggets, strange crystals and fragments of mining equipment can be seen, and below the main part of the game, we see a set of control buttons with a wood grain background.

You can adjust the bet per spin from 0.20 to 200.00 until the symbol type 3, 4, or 5 stops in an uninterrupted order from the left side and crosses the pay line to win the prize in the base game. It is possible to get free treasures in Varna video slots, although the high percentage of players returns means that, on average, you will get the majority of each bet.

All symbols are directly related to the theme, so there seems to be no card icon full of reels of so many slot machines. Brown rocks, a hard hat, a mass of gold nuggets and a minecart with more gold coins form a small win-loss line, while green, red, blue and white crystals will line up to reward higher prizes.

The pristine road sign acts as a wild symbol, so when the player casts a matching symbol on the reel, if there is a gap in the run, the wild can replace the lost piece and still win the prize. It can also extend the winning line of 3 or 4 matching symbols on the reels to obtain greater rewards. When the road sign constitutes a winning combination by itself, it will also point to the best prize and return up to 2500 times the line bet, although it cannot be used as a scatter or jackpot symbol.


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