The Mythical Unicorn

Beautiful forest fairies, colorful flowers and magic horses are the themes of the Mythical Unicorn video slot provided by GamingSoft. All this is set in a magical forest, it looks like it came out of the "Avatar" movie, and there are some amazing bonus features, such as extended wild symbols, free spins and progressive jackpots, you can Claim it when you spin 5 reels of this online slot machine.

This is a 40 pay-line game in which the symbols are arranged in three rows, and the gambler hopes to place the matching symbols on any line in an uninterrupted order from left to right in order to win. Like most GamingSoft online slot game series, its design is also very good, with gorgeous frames around the reels, and realistic symbols will attract fans of very popular magic and mysticism slot games.

The Mythical Unicorn video slot is provided for free for practicing spins, if you want to play real money games, you need at least 0.40 per spin. You can choose to make the reels spin faster, or let them automatically play as many times as you want, until the funds are exhausted.

To complement the glowing blue and purple flowers that fill the background image of this game, the lower value symbols are made up of more flowers, where the bright blue payoff is equal to the 5x, 12x or 20x bet per line bet it is on any payline Stop on the 3, 4 or 5 reels. There is a purple flower symbol, a white and orange flower symbol, and the highest-income flower is filled with each color of the rainbow, and the expenditure is 8x, 20x or 35x.

Forest fairies will give out bigger and better prizes. First is the green girl. The bet value of the latter is as high as 80 times, while the red hair pays up to 90 times and the blue-eyed fairies pay up to 100 times. The best win in a normal game is paid by the Mythical Unicorn logo, and spinning it to the 3 reels of the payline will get 30 times the win rate, and the odds of 4 times in a row are 80 times the ante, and use the logo symbol The value is 200 times.

The ghostly silver image of the unicorn is a wild symbol, and when needed, it will be able to replace others to complete the winning combination, or extend the winning line to the turntable on the right for higher returns . The golden wild unicorn will only appear on the middle 3 reels, but in the order of good animation effect, except for the first number on the left, it will add up to 3 extra silver random on any reel random number.

The line itself does not have any costs, nor does it have any costs, and they cannot replace the dispersion of jackpot icons.

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