Age OF God Fate Sister

There is no realm of myths and legends that is better understood or more widely known than the ancient Greeks. Similarly, even if all Asian, Egyptian and Mayan slot machines are on the market, perhaps the epic slot machine theme is not more common. Since the release of Age of the Gods (Age of the Gods), Playtech has made a huge contribution to this. "Sisters of Destiny" has now produced at least six games, constituting the entire game range, until they proposed another game.

Of course, the sheer scale of Greek mythology does provide a different divine story for each period. You might guess in the title that the Fate Sisters follow the story of Moirai or "Fate". The three sisters, Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos, are jointly responsible for controlling the lifeline. The Greeks insisted that there were three major threads, Clotho straddling life itself, Lachesis measured the length, and Atropos cut it off to terminate life. Not the dumbest slot machine with the theme!

However, it is clear that these three brothers and sisters have extraordinary powers. Just look at Zeus himself. We can only hope that this will bring wealth and fame to compete with the Greek legend on this new Playtech spinner. Provides three progressive jackpots, free spin rounds and auxiliary re-spin functions, which is really interesting.

There are four different reel backgrounds and reel groups on the new Fate Sisters slot. Each sister has its own temple to perform their own rounds and another for the base game. They are all designed in classical Greek style with high columns and spacious open areas that can accommodate scrolls. All the text on the advertising space is in the classic style of the period and can be recognized immediately. However, we do not want to see so many low-key digital icons.

The symbols with higher salaries are consistent with the theme. The three sisters themselves will provide the highest rewards, and then mark their gifts or curses on the icons according to your opinion. For example, Atropos end-of-life scissors are a good secondary reward. There are a variety of animations to choose from on the slot machine, and fate is destined to guide you into each of their temples. What makes us happy is that Playtech matched the ladies with exquisite Athena-like images, not the witches portrayed in real mythology!

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