Foutain of Youth

Shown as a traditional three-axis slot game, Fountain of Youth provides players with a very basic game style. It only provides three paylines, and you can bet up to three coins on each line per spin. Although this means that players will not be tempted to spend a lot of money when playing games, but because the input amount is capped, it does mean that there are fewer spending restrictions compared to other similar games. Needless to say, the higher the bet and the more paylines available, the more likely you are to win.

The graphics provided by the game are not the most advanced graphics available online, but it is clear that Playtech makes the game as attractive as possible without the use of a head or flash. In order to be consistent with the traditional theme of the game, Playtech maintained a basic color scheme, mainly using green to avoid any excessive exaggeration in the process. This makes playing the Fountain of Youth very interesting because the graphics provided make it easier.

The music used in the game is also very interesting. After opening the game, the sounds of nature will greet you, such as the sounds of birds and leaves rustling. Although these sounds are constantly playing in the background during your game, they are not excessive and complement the relaxed atmosphere pursued by Fountain of Youth.

Foutain_of_Youth_1.PNG - 440.48 kBFoutain_of_Youth_2.PNG - 400.87 kBFoutain_of_Youth_3.PNG - 406.00 kBFoutain_of_Youth_4.PNG - 403.33 kB