Heavenly Ruler

According to OPM's songs, heaven is a half-way place where skaters can go chills with J-Dogg without letting that pesky "man" spoil the fun. Contrary to the ideal image, this 5-reel, 30-pay-line slot machine of Playtech software has a good proposition, that is, heaven is a slot machine that is expected to provide all kinds of wealth for those lucky punters who can match it. . The correct combination of icons.

With names such as the heavenly ruler, it is easy to think that this slot machine is a sacred measuring tool from above. In fact, the theme of the game is entirely about ancient Chinese theocracy. It reveals different symbols representing the royal family, power and authority. These icons include a magnificent peacock, a symbol of the Ming Dynasty's rule of China from 1368 to 1644.

These free Heavenly Ruler slots may not be the good times that every spinner has thought about. The problem is that the sublime nature of the theme does make the game look a little serious, and there are many other Oriental-themed slot machines online that bring some fun to the game. Having said that, the slot still looks very pleasing with its bold gold frame and royal purple background.Screenshot_20190115-155857.jpg - 425.41 kBScreenshot_20190115-155900.jpg - 413.74 kBScreenshot_20190115-155902.jpg - 441.08 kBScreenshot_20190115-155904.jpg - 421.77 kBScreenshot_20190115-155918.jpg - 438.74 kB

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