Ice Cave

It does not start with a short video, but with a fixed screen. It explains the difference between ordinary wildcards and special wildcards. It also provides instructions on betting functions. All of this information can be found in the game, but for some people, it can be useful to check it before you start. Especially because they can read as they wish and have a black background without interference. You can also delete the profile as needed.

The music continues from the introduction. Of course suitable for the theme of the game. Its crystal clear echo is chilling. It is easy to mute or lower the screen volume.

The background image is one of a neat cave, and the shadows of the icicles vary in shades. The 5 reels are opaque and relatively small, so you can see the details in the icicles. The name of the game is displayed on the ice cube in capital letters, and the number of paylines is different on the left and right sides.

The strange thing is that the way to change the game settings is actually through the small arrow button on the left side of the screen. Although there are not many different options. Especially on paylines, because you can only play 10 or 20. You can bet 0.01, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50 or 1.00 per line, which is less than what many games offer.

You can play at Turbo speed, which is an advantage for faster players. Holding down the spin button gives you a chance to play automatically. The option can rise to 90, and 99 or until function in 10s at most. Although the feature bonus does not involve any input or decision, it is nice to see it correctly.

These symbols are based on Nordic theology, so you might be curious to find some of them. It would be nice to reflect the subject in the title. The difference is that the "salary" table only displays the most valuable symbols, although it is recognized that their values ​​are not too high. The Nordic gods can get up to 250 points for 5 types. Among them, the Valkyrie (the goddess decides who lives or die on the battlefield) and the sinister-looking wolf Fenrir have the highest value of 175. The maximum payout for a Viking ship is 75. There are other 4 letter symbols, but you don't know what they provide.Screenshot_20190115-143826.jpg - 413.01 kBScreenshot_20190115-143830.jpg - 396.57 kBScreenshot_20190115-143859.jpg - 321.33 kBScreenshot_20190115-143901.jpg - 352.68 kB