Streak of Luck

Lucky Stripe is one of Playtech's many slot machines. The film was released in July 2014, showing the usual 5 reels, but with a large number of 50 paylines that can separate it from the competition's champion. There are many interesting graphics and an attractive progressive jackpot to start.

Good luck (Streak of Luck) is a video slot machine that should be played by more people. It really proves that it is so good. In essence, this is a fascinating game that attracts you and provides you with many opportunities to win some major major payouts.

When broken down into details, "Streak of Luck" looks like a passionate game, enough to keep players on track, but does it have the ability to achieve classic status?

The game itself is fun and can provide a lot of entertainment just through the user interface. The theme of the lucky streak is lucky charm, which is enough for novices to play, and at the same time there is enough experience for veterans to participate at the same time. The betting range is suitable for all budgets.

The symbols in the game include acorns, four-leaf clover, horseshoes, Chinese coins, mice, goddess of luck, dice, playing cards, and regular symbols from jack to ace. Good luck usually sticks to basic principles in design and operation.

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