Most of us know nothing about ancient Sparta. This is a movie with a notorious phrase that yelled on a drunk night. Although we cannot prevent you from saying that, it is not a mandatory requirement when playing Spartan from Spade Gaming.

The brand’s special slot machine uses the same design layout as the popular "Shougen War", so the motivation and guiding principles of the two games are very similar. This also means that if you like this historically inspired activity, then you will definitely appreciate this activity.

Therefore, you want to get into trouble and try to get yourself between three to five scattered symbols. This is a row of angry Spartan warriors. Now, you must choose which of these ordinary-looking men you want to fight with, and hide the result of your choice in an invisible place until you make a decision. what do you do? To be honest, you only need intuition, and hope that your intuition will not lead you into the chaos of free games and multipliers.

The entire setting depends on the scope of the bonus round, which means you won't have much difference when playing Spartan; although the wild can expand and get a win-win, it will never trigger another special extra feature.Spartan001.PNG - 2.19 MBSpartan002.PNG - 2.31 MBSpartan003.PNG - 2.27 MBSpartan004.PNG - 2.28 MBSpartan005.PNG - 2.29 MBSpartan006.PNG - 2.28 MB

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