Stone Age

Turn back the clock with this Stone Age slot machine from Endorphina. Life at that time may be difficult, but you can experience prehistoric adventures in the comfort of your own home by spinning the reels of this online gambling game. There are 5 reels, 20 paylines and 500,000 credit jackpots. In addition, there are some useful tools to help you hunt and collect victories, such as free spins with extended symbols and doubles or no-bet games.

Slot machines can allow players to escape anywhere. There are some slot themes that can take you to the Far East, the ocean floor, and even the furthest reaches of the universe. Now you can escape the cold, hard and cruel world of the Stone Age! Okay, so it may not be the most peculiar or exciting in the historical period, but this slot machine shows the prehistoric era with charming details.

The fishing reels are carefully designed as if they were freshly carved from basic raw materials such as wood, leather and twine. Although this does make the overall appearance of the game somewhat monotonous, it will undoubtedly help bring the spinner back in time to a completely different world.

The symbol itself is also explained in a visually interesting way to show the trademark stone tool, which is named after it. There are daggers, bows, arrows and axes made of fl stone, and necklaces made of the teeth of some ferocious prehistoric beasts. You will also find some of the earliest examples of human art and culture, including several cave paintings-one depicting a hunter and the other a galloping horse.

However, the most interesting scroll image represents a caveman and a caveman, looking noble and fearless in a wind-swept posture. However, the most terrifying icon is the powerful mammoth.

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