Imagine you go back in time, back to prehistoric times, when huge and often dangerous creatures ruled the entire land. RTG awakens these huge creatures in the Tyrannosaurus rex slot game of Tyrannosaurus, the largest and most terrifying dinosaur that has roamed the earth.

Accompanied by a lot of real sounds, images and graphics, you will encounter symbols on the reels such as dinosaur eggs, volcanoes, and various prehistoric plants and dinosaur species from stegosaurus to dangerous tyrannosaurus. The playing cards have also been carefully designed to fit prehistoric themes (although we hope that slot machine manufacturers will limit the use of these symbols to video poker games, not slot machines).

First of all, when you face the seemingly scary T-Rex on the reel, please don't be afraid, because he is a wild symbol, and replace the scatter chart (dinosaur egg) with all the other symbols on the reel to complete the payment combination. As long as Tyrannosaurus replaces the winning combination with symbols, your victory will be doubled. Unfortunately, Tyrannosaurus will only appear on reel 3. Five Dino Egg scatters will reward you with the highest multiplier of 200 times your bet and trigger the free spin function.

As always, no matter how much you bet, you can randomly trigger the T-Rex jackpot after each spin.

T-Rex001.PNG - 2.21 MBT-Rex002.PNG - 2.04 MBT-Rex003.PNG - 2.13 MBT-Rex004.PNG - 2.05 MBT-Rex005.PNG - 2.11 MB

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