Thai Paradise

As the cold fingers gradually fall in winter and the days begin to get shorter and shorter, we bet that all punters are waiting for the jackpot, so you can escape to a warm climate. Well, we cannot guarantee that you will win from Playtech's Thai Paradise video slot, but we can confirm that it may warm and keep our cockles cold.

The game is played on 5 reels, with 15 paylines and a high level of volatility, which means there may be few wins, but it's worth waiting for a win worth 5,000 times the value of each bet. What keeps players entertained while waiting for big wins are some additional game elements, such as free spins and simple (but potentially rewarding) gambling features. The RTP of this slot machine is 94.99%.

We can imagine Thailand in the list of countries that most people want to visit. Southeast Asian countries are known for their glorious history, with many religious monuments, such as the Wat Arun Buddhist temple, not to mention outstanding natural scenery and famous nightlife. But a suggestion: If you plan to travel to Thailand in the near future, please don't make the same mistakes as these American tourists!

You can use free online slot machines to get your own Thai Paradise in the beautiful natural scenery on the coast of Thailand. The beauty of the game is well done in imitating the cultural heritage of Thailand with the standard card icons (10, J, Q, K and A), which uses some Thai calligraphy designs. In addition, the bright green on the dark green background allows players to easily enter the tropical environment. More importantly, because the icon depicts the palace and a beautiful lady, it is also full of charm-at least we think it is the lady in the avatar.

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