Dragons Legend

Legend of Dragons is an attractive advertising space for KA Gaming that will attract a large audience. If you like the idea of ​​uplifting your spirits in the magical journey of a fabulous beast, then this might be the perfect game for you. Although dragons are a hot topic among online slot machine developers, many games contain only one creature. But the "Legend of the Dragon" video slot is filled with eight beautifully designed dragon symbols.

Find these coins on the five reels of the 243 "how to win" slot games, and you will win up to 1,000 coins, while wild symbols, free spins and Tic Tac Toe bonus rounds can all help you win some handsome cash reward.

Check out the gameplay on the free "Legend" video slot on this page, or go to the recommended real cash online casino to see what these auspicious symbols can bring you in return.

This is another exciting moment for KA Gaming, a company from Taiwan that has been providing a series of games to online and mobile optimized casinos worldwide. This slot game is clearly Asian as soon as it is opened, with bamboo shoots on either side of the reels, and traditional red lanterns illuminating the decorative golden frame around the main game. KA Gaming has many slot machines inspired by Asian styles, and uses common Chinese-style soundtracks in many of its games. It’s very quiet and fits the entire environment of this advertising space. When we look at the paytable and features of "Legend of Dragon", we will see what these fierce beasts have prepared for us.Dragons_Legend001.PNG - 1.65 MBDragons_Legend002.PNG - 1.55 MBDragons_Legend003.PNG - 1.07 MBDragons_Legend004.PNG - 1.19 MB