Berry Berry Bonanza

Playtech is a casino game developer known for a series of beautifully designed slot games with bright themes, which usually have multiple functions. The company returned from Berry Berry Bonanza to the basics, filling five reels with classic fruit symbols. However, neither the innovators nor the boys and girls of Playtech can resist adding some special changes to the classic fruit machine format. Each of the nine rows pays out from the left and right sides of the game, and the hundred ride number doubles the value of any combination it completes.

Guess the theme of the Berry Berry Bonanza video slot does not have any prizes. There are scrolls everywhere, with juicy berry symbols on them, in various colors, shapes and values. You can almost taste these realistic-looking symbols, especially when they pop up on the screen every time you get a winning combination.

You can play this slot machine at the recommended real money online casino with Playtech product portfolio, or you can use the free Berry Berry Bonanza video slot machine here for testing. Either way, you will definitely see a lot of winning spins because you only need to display many symbols on the two reels to pay the prize. If you like fruit game consoles, but are looking for something more style and visual impact than the usual fruit theme games, then this location may be the most suitable choice for you.

This game can be played on Android devices, Windows smartphones and tablets, iPad and iPhone, and looks great on all platforms. The bright blue and purple backgrounds on the reels set off the colorful symbols well, and the cheerful tones played in the background make the design of this game more talented than most fruit machines.

Although only 9 paylines cross the reels, since each time the matching symbol crosses a line from either side, you will win a prize, you will get a game equivalent to 18 lines. A review of the payroll details the value of each symbol, and when the purple or red grape crosses the pay line, the minimum bonus will be paid. Only one-fifth of the bonus can win five times your bet, and the full five-point bonus will be worth 100 times.

You can also see eight other types of berries, each with a different shape, color or number. When a strawberry crosses a line, the highest prize will be awarded. A single strawberry on the left or right reel will receive a small reward worth 2 times the bet amount. However, if you place this symbol correctly on all five reels on a line, the win will be a staggering 5000x. It's really delicious!

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