Easter Surprise

The Easter surprise takes players outside to enjoy the weather and celebrate Easter in style. The aesthetics of the game is worth mentioning. Don't expect impressive graphics, but expect colorful rural landscapes with green, rolling hills in the background. Clearly visible through the transparent scroll, the background of Eastern Surprise is enough to make the player feel happy.

If games may not change this genre, then the excellent work Playtech has done is to create a pleasant and simple universe with almost no elements. This gives players enough leeway to focus on gameplay, which is the focus of the next part.

The Easter surprise follows the classic game model familiar to most players. For beginners, learning the rules is not difficult.

The game contains five turntables with three symbols, and there are 20 different paylines on the screen. You need to arrange the winning combination of symbols on the activated payline to collect cash prizes. The command bar at the bottom of the screen is located here, allowing you to adjust game settings before setting the reel motion. Use various switches to activate or deactivate paylines, and modify the bet and coin value of each line. Bet Max shortcut keys allow you to go all-in and activate all paylines with a single click. Hit Spin to start the round. After each win, you can try your luck with a simple gambling game that doubles your winnings.

If you want to place multiple bets in a row, please use the auto-start mode. The roulette wheel will spin on its own and your betting settings will always remain constant. For example, if you want to change the betting settings, you can return to the regular game mode at any time.

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