Epic Ape

King Kong has nothing on this huge gorilla. Playtech will play super large in the Epic Ape video slot, where the jungle scene plays the role of a powerful ape who will not do half of things. The latest version of Playtech is not satisfied with 4096 betting methods and 3125 ways to win slot machines. To accommodate this huge beast, there are huge 6x4 scrolls. In addition, the special features of the game are not small.

Because this huge ape is running rampantly on the reels with stacked symbols, there are a lot of real cash rewards. Trigger up to 100 free spins to get huge bonuses, and win big prizes with the diamond's wild multiplier function. But be aware that it is not easy to get these rewards. After all, they do not grow on trees. This ape-themed slot machine has high volatility and it can be particularly challenging to trigger the bonus feature.

This super-large slot is developed by Playtech's software, which is one of the largest players in the iGaming market, and it is very suitable without introduction. The team’s back-row directory includes some of the most popular and famous slot games offered by online casinos. They have done it all, from big-name licensed slot machines to progressive games and table games. They even have their own software for real-time croupier casino games.

Even according to Playtech's standards, Epic Ape Video Slot is a large online slot game. Knowing the brilliant performance of the team, we are eager to test this new game. Does the size of the online slot really matter? Can Epic Ape truly fulfill its huge promise? Let's take a closer look at this jungle-themed slot machine adventure.

This huge set of scrolls is rich emerald green with bright symbols. The seductive artwork depicts a luscious jungle background, covered in steam. You can feel the humidity of the tropical environment, and the vibrant drum sounds add vitality to the game. Epic Ape is a well-designed atmospheric slot. Recently, the standard of visual effects has been very high. We have seen more amazing graphics and animations in some of the latest versions on the market. But this is a minor detail, because the smooth, high-resolution images here fit the subject well.

With 4096 highways, gamblers may worry that the stakes are too high. However, Playtech chose a reasonable fixed multiplier of 40 to calculate the total bet. In different online casinos, the value of coins may vary, but the range of games we play is 0.01 to 2.00. When multiplied by 40 to reach your total bet, this means that the bet ranges from 0.40 to 80.00. For low stakes players, this is certainly not a game. However, no matter which betting range you prefer, the Epic Ape video slot is actually only for players who love and can withstand high volatility.

Glancing at the payment potential of the payment table, suddenly things didn't look that big. Matching the six apes on the roulette wheel, the maximum bonus is only 300 times the coin. However, with the turntable spinning, the huge 4096 odds would mean multiple winning combinations at once. In addition, all symbols are stacked on the reels, appearing with a greater chance​​. Five high-paying animal symbols will also receive 10 times coin rewards for falling into only two of them.

You can achieve some major victories in the base game by placing multiple apes on the reels. Then, when the gold coins are flying on the screen, you will see special gorillas beating their chests in fierce joy. High volatility means these moments may be rare. However, the bonus is the real challenge to trigger. We found that the basic game is generous enough to keep the game going, but sticking to the bonus round is hard work. If a certain slot machine requires patient players, this is it.

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