Age Of God King Of Olympus

Discover the true power of the god Zeus in this new slot machine of Playtech software. Age of the Gods: King of Olympus is another title for the popular slot machine manufacturer to launch a brand new video slot franchise, which means that spinners can reasonably expect to get directly from the Olympus Pantheon Epic spin action

However, this time there was only one star of the show-Big Daddy, Turban, and the King of Olympus himself: Zeus. That does mean that compared to other slot machines in the series, the bonus game has a different range of variation, but players can still hope to win the heavens with 25 paylines and 300,000 regular standard jackpots.

There are many different gods, deities and demigods in ancient Greek mythology, but none of them operate like Zeus. Thor and the god of the sky are the leaders of Mount Olympus and the overseers of all other gods, known for his strength, fatherly nature and occasional tantrums! This slot machine reveals all the most powerful attributes of this almighty immortal character by showing Zeus like a white-haired saint with superhuman powers and extraordinary abilities, and looks at the rest of the reels with firm and assured authority.

The remaining fishing reels incorporate many artifacts and objects of ancient Greek culture, such as clay vases, golden strings and magnificent sailboats. However, the most beautiful representatives of all the icons are an amazing eagle (usually used as a symbol of Zeus) and Pegasus, who serve Zeus by passing thunder and lightning from Mount Olympus .

From a strict visual point of view, this slot machine has some of the best artworks, among the best. The color scheme includes a dark blue night sky, bright yellow and orange, giving this game an amazing appearance. Well, we are looking forward to the slot machine about King of Gods!

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