Age Of God Prince of Olympus

Feel the great power of Hercules in "Age of the Gods": Prince Olympus, this is one of the latest works in the Playtech slot machine series, aimed at exploring the fascinating world of ancient Greek mythology.

This 5-reel game has 25 paylines, which seems a bit weak compared to some other slot machines out there. However, the game will do its best and then involve some additional features. This is because this video slot machine has an ever-expanding wilderness, free spins with triple value wins, and a special extra bonus game in which the punter must fight the sticky sea monsters.

If this is not strong enough for you, please wait until you find that the slot machine has four progressive jackpots available for grabbing.

The legend of Hercules is perhaps one of the most famous stories in ancient Greek mythology. The reason is that it is just epic. This typical Greek hero (also the son of Zeus) is known for his superhuman strength and bold adventures, also known as 12 labor. These stunts include killing a huge lion, a nine-headed sea monster, a man-eating bird of prey, and capturing various creatures and precious treasures, such as the golden descendants of Al Hindmis, Eritmanian wild boar, and Crete Cow and Cerberus. Three hounds guarding the underworld.

However, although Hercules may have succeeded in doing this, it is obvious from the paintings and sculptures of the epic hero that he cannot dress himself up!


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