Age of gods

The age of the gods is coming! Yes, we are talking about a new series of games launched by Playtech software, focusing on the theme of ancient Greek mythology. The flagship slot machine of this new game series has 5 reels and 20 paylines, providing players with a visually stunning overview that outlines the content of other games such as Fury 4 and King of Olympus.

In our opinion, Greek mythology may be the best type of mythology. We mean, it's a bit like a TV soap opera, but the proportions are epic. There is rebellion, deception and all kinds of masturbation on Mount Olympus-just like your favorite prime time drama. However, the immortal characters in this drama do possess all-powerful powers and can control the elements and determine the fate of mankind. Didn’t you see Dot Cotton doing that on The Square in EastEnders?

Age of Gods makes full use of this powerful paradise power narrative to provide players with a beautifully designed slot game. On the blue electric reel on the gilded gold frame, the spinner will encounter a series of famous figures from the pantheon of Greek mythology, such as the demi-god Hercules born with superhuman power and the guardian of Hades, Hades . The goddess of love and beauty of the underworld and Aphrodite. However, these guys are only secondary characters of the real turban. This is because the slot machine also has characters such as the god of the sea and the ruler Poseidon, the ferocious god of war Athena, and of course Mr. Zeus, who is all the gods who rule the world from the gods. His powerful lightning sky.

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