Beach Life

"Beach Life" is a video slot game launched by Playtech, dedicated to recreating the colorful atmosphere of the sea, and provides a lot of grand prizes and bonuses to ensure you have the best vacation. If you find it necessary to take a moment to make yourself richer than when you left and get home, please read our full review of Life on the Beach to learn more about this sunny slot game.

The purpose of "Beach Life" is to keep the player away from daily work, all the way to the tropics, where there is sunshine every day.

The cartoon-like universe in the game has endless beaches, palm trees and huge sun umbrellas against the calm sea. The symbols and game layout on the entire screen are covered in bright colors. Although the graphic itself is relatively simple, it does attract attention.

"Beach Life" managed to create a laid-back and relaxing game world. Simple themes are effective, but honestly they may not be very novel. Let's review the rules of the game in the next part...

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