Bounty Of The Beans Talk

Beanstalk’s bounty is a 5-reel 3D video slot with 4 lines of symbols on the screen that can play 1, 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 valid paylines. The row is selected by the user from 0.1 Euro to 10 Euro. Therefore, the maximum bet amount is 500 Euro spins. Sadly, although the big payout is obvious, it is impossible to double it in this game. The principle of paid combination in Beanstalk bounty is not surprising to experienced players.

Starting from the first reel on the left, all the same elements in successive combinations should appear on a valid payline. The most valuable combination is the correlation with the game's greatest revenue. This book provides odds and calculates the total amount. The maximum multiplier is 1,000 times. Finally, according to the official information provided by the manufacturer, Beanstalk’s video slot Bounty has a theoretical spending percentage of 93.9992%. The game also provides users with bonus rounds, prize rotation, fixed symbols, progressive jackpots and other options to ensure instant entertainment.Bounty_Of_The_BeansTalk001.JPG - 67.74 kBBounty_Of_The_BeansTalk002.JPG - 146.47 kBBounty_Of_The_BeansTalk003.JPG - 176.07 kBBounty_Of_The_BeansTalk004.JPG - 146.01 kBBounty_Of_The_BeansTalk005.JPG - 184.09 kB