Fei Long Zai Tian

Fai Long Zai Tian (Fai Long Zai Tian) in Chinese means: "Fei Long", "Sky Wanderer"-if you ask us, this is an amazing name for any slot machine. In this beautifully designed game, there are 5 reels, 25 paylines and 12 powerful symbols from Chinese myths and legends, which is great.

This new 5-axis video slot from Playtech is one of the software company's series of games that focuses on Asian culture, history and mythology. Take "Silent Samurai" as an example. It is a videotape that can reveal the history of Japanese medieval samurai, or a geisha story that sets a love story in a Japanese garden. This time, the looking glass turned to China and its mythological culture. After all, China is often considered one of the oldest countries in the world, so there must be some legends about dragons and other mysterious forces in nature.

Therefore, the scrolls of "Flying Dragon Again to the Sky" are filled with a series of creatures and symbols, presenting different aspects of ancient Chinese mythological paradigms. There is a koi in the legend. At that time, the Chinese philosopher Confucius received a black maji fish as a gift from the emperor, which symbolized auspiciousness and prosperity. Then there is the Golden Toad Jin Chan, a mythical figure that is said to appear at the full moon and bring wealth to families and businesses.

The Chinese phoenix, the phoenix, appears in splendid glory, symbolizing virtue and kindness, while the flying dragon and flying dragon occupy a central position to ensure a good harvest.

Therefore, in general, these ancient myths and legends creatures seem to be in the right place to provide players with all the wealth and good luck they might need when spinning the flywheel!

The rest of the reels of the game are composed of some important Chinese characters, and each Chinese character represents a different aspect of the world element. There are water (water), earth (earth), wood (wood), fire (fire) and gold (gold).

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