Football rules

Football-themed slot games are not uncommon in the market. This very popular theme has attracted many fans who are eager to start. The game screen represents a crowded football field, with the reels on the grass. There are not many details to look at, as the rest of the screen contains only useful elements, such as the command bar at the bottom and the payline tab on the side.

"Rules of Football" has relied on simplicity from the beginning, if you don't mind the very simple game screen, then you will be eager to start the game. Let's see how to do it next.

"Football Rules" also follows the rules of slot games, so most players will enter familiar areas after starting the game.

The game matrix has 5 reels and 25 paylines. By landing the winning symbol combination on the activated payline, you will trigger a cash prize. The command bar contains all the buttons and switches needed to set up the game. Use the (+) and (-) buttons to select a bet and activate as many paylines as you see fit before rotating the reels.

Always remember that betting more money on the reels can be risky, but it can also trigger a larger return. Therefore, when you feel lucky, the maximum bet button is an option worth considering. Use it to immediately place the highest bet on all paylines and take risks to get the largest cash reward. You can also activate the dollar ball jackpot and choose 5 numbers to have a chance to win the Playtech jackpot. Every time you spin the reel, you have a chance to win the jackpot.

1.PNG - 303.79 kB2.PNG - 271.28 kB3.PNG - 330.05 kB4.PNG - 413.94 kB

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